Mental tips and tools to enhance your race day performance.

Date: 28th Feb

Time: 7.30-9.00pm

Venue: Woking Leisure Centre

Cost: £15


Come and find out how to use your mind to get the best out of yourself on race day. This Surrey Half talk will not only help you increase your stamina, focus and determination, it will enable you to perform at your best and deal with any distractions and negative self-talk that may inhibit your performance.

Using a combination of knowledge and techniques from the fields of NLP, Coaching and Neuroscience, we will show you how you can be more resourceful and resilient. Learning to prepare mentally pre-race, run your mind better and quickly overcome mental hurdles such as doubts, anxiety, lack of motivation or determination will allow you to perform better and no doubt enhance your enjoyment of the race.

This popular event is now running in its 4th year. Make sure you book your place early, as it fills up fast.


Feedback from previous participants.

“Thanks for a great seminar on how to train the mind. Great insight, lots of interesting content covered and top tips on how we can get the most out of each of our training sessions! Lots of food for thought! Now need to put it into practise!!”

~ Triathlon Coach Cat Benger from ABCPure

“Bonnie, THANK YOU so much for your session this week, I used all of your techniques; not only did I smash my PB by 15 minutes, I ENJOYED the day,  can’t wait to do it again next year!”

~ S.B.

“Hi Bonnie, I came to the second training you did pre Surrey half last Tuesday and wanted to get in touch to say thank you. I have worked with lots of Life coaches and trainers previously both in my career and through my current business and I loved your laid back, clear approach. I practiced and used the techniques you taught us and was thrilled with my experience on race day.”

~ C.G.

“I would just like to say thank you for your time on Thursday. I found it really helpful and could relate to a lot of it, especially that critical voice in head, as that is what I struggle with when I push myself. So looking forward to trying some of the new techniques soon.”

~ L.N.

Many thanks for running such a great event last week – I found it really helpful. After the session I felt energised and resolute as I made choices and rehearsed that mindset throughout the week and managed to carry that through into Sunday. I am absolutely overjoyed with my time, some 17 minutes quicker than I managed last year, and what’s more with no physical after effects. I found your style easy and engaging and had no trouble immersing myself in the process. Thank you Bonnie!