Overcome race day anxiety with guided meditation.

Date: 10th March

Time: 8.10-8.30am

Venue: Woking Leisure Centre – Wurtzler Hall

Cost: Free of charge. Pre-registration required.

Register here:

This is a bespoke session for runners of the 2019 Surrey Half Marathon. The gentle session will fire runners up yet simultaneously foster a calm mind and a relaxed body.

lt will provide runners with the opportunity to get their mind in a great place, gain focus and feel more in control ahead of the 13.1 mile challenge. The session will also help to reduce doubts, anxieties and negative chatter, which will then enable participants to run with much more confidence and joy. 



Hollie Light – organiser of the Mercer Surrey Half Marathon, says:

“The welfare of our participants is of paramount importance to us. We know that hundreds of people on race morning will be feeling anxious, nervous or stressed; we’re choosing to address this issue by providing participants with a quiet space to gain focus and calm at a time that they would normally be feeling most anxious. It’s really important to be able to overcome negative experiences (like anxiety and stress) so that they don’t become detrimental to performance or prevent runners from enjoying the event as much as they want to. Bonnie’s guidance will help people to overcome these negative thoughts, and provides people with effective ways to deal with pre-race anxiety.”

We’re very excited to launch this new initiative, as to our knowledge, no other organiser has actively addressed pre-race nerves in this way. We see it as part of our commitment to being responsible race organisers and doing all that we can to improve the overall race experience.”

The session available to all Mercer Surrey Half Marathon participants to pre-register for, but there is limited availability. Prompt arrival to the session is vital – late arrivals may be refused entry once the session has begun to avoid disturbing the rest of the group and to ensure that they get the most out of the session. Thank you for your cooperation.