Guided meditation for deep relaxation at RISE studio, Guildford. 

Candle light, gentle music, soft linens, comfortable mattresses and other sensory treats are brought together with a peaceful and deeply relaxing combination of guided meditation, visualisation and a hint of life coaching.

It is invaluable quiet time to bring stillness, softness and ease to both your body and mind. It is truly time for you to just BE.

Taking time out to boost your well-being may feel indulgent, but in doing so, you ensure the best version of you becomes available to others.

These session are about releasing both physical and mental tensions, finding peace and discovering ways to feel more resourceful and joyful in everyday life. You will be spending the majority of the time lying down with your eyes closed guided by my voice. You may very well find that it enables you to embrace daily life with more gratitude, clarity and calmness.

2019 dates for 1.5 hrs sessions.

January 18th.
February 8th.
March 15th.
April 29th.
May 10th.
May 24th.
June 6th.

Time: 19.30 – 21.00

Price per session: £25

Tickets available via EVENTBRITE.



2019 dates for 1 hr sessions.

March 14th.
April 30th.
May 9th.

Time: 19.30 – 20.30

Price per session: £15

Tickets available via EVENTBRITE.



Guided meditation for young adults (age 15-22)

These sessions are dedicated to the well-being of young adults. They are deeply restful, compassionate and calming sessions with guided meditations to release feelings of pressure and overwhelm. They are designed to give both their bodies and minds a healthy, genuine and nourishing break.

The time spent in the studio will help them retreat temporarily from the flurry of everyday life and enable them to recharge and nurture their sense of control and self-worth. Participants in this gentle, candlelit session will be guided throughout and spend their time lying down with eyes closed. They are suitable for everyone.

2019 dates:

March 18th.
April 25th.
May 13th.
May 23rd.
June 10th.

Time: 19.30 – 20.30

Price per session: £15

Tickets available via EVENTBRITE.

Candlelit meditation at Willow Sanctuary studio, Jacobswell:

This is a small group session in a relaxed and very supportive environment, perfect for anyone keen to switch off their busy mind, allow time for gentle self-care or time to reflect on matters big and small.

Wear your most comforting clothes and prepare to find a softening inner stillness. You can expect to gain both a sense of ease and grounding in your body as well as a mind that feels calm, clear and refreshed.

You will be guided throughout and spend the majority of the session deeply relaxed with your eyes closed in a very friendly and tranquil atmosphere.

If this sounds appealing to you, come and join Michelle and I on one or more of the following dates. We would love to have you with us. {These classes tend to be fully booked, so consider booking early to avoid disappointment.}

2019 Dates:

January 11th.: sold out
March 1st.
March 29th.
April 26th.
June 7th.

Time: 19-20.30

To book contact Michelle on

Price per session: £20