Join us for evenings of calmness, contemplation and deep relaxation.

We temporarily place the outside world on hold so you can connect with yourself and enjoy some valuable ‘me’ time. You will experience a peaceful combination of visualisation, meditation and life coaching.

Wear your most comforting clothes and prepare to find a softening inner stillness. You can expect to gain both a sense of ease and grounding in your body as well as a mind that feels calm, clear and refreshed.

You will be guided throughout and spend the majority of the session deeply relaxed with your eyes closed in a very friendly and tranquil atmosphere.

2018 dates:

January 19th: Sold out.

February 9th

March 2nd and 23rd

April 13th

May 4th

June 8th and 29th

July 20th

Time: 19.00 – 20.30




  • Elevate your energy, joy and sense of wellbeing.
  • Expect better sleep and a refreshed mind.
  • Learn easy strategies to ‘be more at your best’.

    You may be surprised to discover just how enriching, productive and nurturing it can be to simply slow down and let go. If this sounds appealing to you, come and join us on one or more of the above dates. We would love to have you with us.Note: These classes tend to be fully booked, so consider booking early to avoid disappointment. 

How to book:

Contact Bonnie on or 07726623165

This is a small group workshop in a relaxed and very supportive environment, perfect for anyone keen to switch off their busy mind, allow time for gentle self-care or time to reflect on matters big and small.

Cost per session: £20