Create more time for the things that really matter. Elevate your focus and motivation. Enjoy the journey of daily life. 

Sometimes it is worth pressing the pause button and float up above the clouds to get a different perspective on our lives. Observing things from a distance allows us to consider what is currently making up daily life and assess if all is well or if there are certain areas we would like to modify. Are there new routes we would like to explore, things we want to do differently, places where we want to slow down and others where we want to speed up.

This workshop is about seeing the bigger picture and creating an attractive roadmap for the year ahead. It will enable you to be more in charge, spend your time more “wisely”, develop good self-leadership skills and find ways to do more of what brings you joy.

Date: 23rd January

Time: 8-10pm

Venue: 7 Foxenden Road, Guildford, GU1 4DL

During this two hour workshop you will be guided through a number of exercises designed to give you a great foundation to start 2017. Each exercise will help you gain more clarity and structure, allowing you to make confident choices and define milestones and next steps.



You will leave with a personal roadmap to focus your mind, guide your actions and make the best use of time.

  • Make mindful and conscious decisions about how you want to live and what you want to accomplish in 2017.
  • Elevate your energy, determination and motivation.
  • Get better at achieving your goals and defining clear priorities.
  • Find the joy in the journey and discover how you can build more and more momentum.
  • Discover how to do more of what you love.

How to book:

Contact Bonnie on or 07726623165 or book your space here: Book Ticket


 This is a small group workshop in a relaxed and very supportive environment. Do not for one moment think that your aspirations or thoughts are too small or insignificant or that you need to be confident and have it all sorted out to come along.

Bring along whatever matters most for you at this point in time; Do you want to focus on personal health and well-being, work, home-life, relationships or a combination of all or is it about creating a more fulfilling life in general? Come along and get yourself off to a great start on the path you wish to follow.

Cost per person: £35