Life Coaching clients

Coaching client anonymous 3
“I would highly recommend Bonnie and the sessions she offers. I never dreamed that I would be feeling not only more confident after, but also have a clearer understanding of how I could manage my feelings better.  Bonnie has a calming and nurturing nature, which supports her sessions brilliantly."
Coaching client Anonymous 2
"Bonnie has been an absolute help to me. I’ve created (metaphorical) umbrellas and wellies and seagulls to help me through one of the most difficult times in my life. She uses techniques that are far superior to any that I’ve ever come across. Talking about your problems till the cows come home doesn’t help you change your future... but Bonnie helps you to find that hope and fight that you need going forward to be resourceful and get you through those difficult times! I can’t recommend (or thank!) her enough!"
Coaching client Debbie Roberts
"Thank you for your wonderful coaching. I can now proudly send you the link for my new business - a result of my coaching sessions with you!!"
Debbie Roberts
Coaching client Alastair Kidd
"Bonnie is a high impact coach who has consistently helped me make breakthroughs and transformations in my thinking. She worked with me in the space I designed, tapping into my metaphors, grasping the chinks of light I revealed and magnifying them to maximum effect for me. She worked in the moment, completely focused on my needs and my agenda, stretching me to achieve goals, enhanced awareness and thinking. Without doubt one the best coaches. If you have a chance to work with her, don’t miss it."
Alastair Kidd
Coaching client anonymous 1
"My coaching sessions with Bonnie helped me to get back in charge of my life. Rather than being thrown by everyday life I realised and became aware of having choices which I can decide for or against. Bonnie’s input and well formulated questions encouraged me to go on a journey rediscovering unexpected confidence in my abilities personally and professionally.” From my point of view Bonnie’s work is a very valuable experience for anybody who is looking for his or her own way in life and does not fear the challenge."
Coaching client Celine Reid
"I came to Bonnie with an issue that looked to me as high as a mountain. A few sessions later, my 'mountain' looked more like a hill. She made me look at the issue from various angles I did not previously think about. I was then able to choose an appropriate path and put in place a suitable plan of action to go up my 'hill'. A very useful experience and one I would repeat.”
Celine Reid
Coaching client Anonymous 4
At age 60 I wanted to make sure I enjoy and get the most out of my life and address some behaviours and beliefs that have held me back. I had no idea how powerful / empowering working with Bonnie as my coach could be. What I especially value is the way and speed she helps me get to the heart of the issue and find ways forward for me that are sometimes a revelation, always progress. I feel supported, and treated with compassion. Importantly, Bonnie's approach means I can bring anything to the sessions and deal with 'stuff' in a safe environment. I have amazing results, and life is so much better for me.

Performance Coaching

Running Seminar Cat Benger
"Thanks for a great seminar on how to train the mind. Great insight, lots of interesting content covered & top tips on how we can get the most out of each of our training sessions! Lots of food for thought! Now need to put it into practise!!"
Triathlon Coach Cat Benger from ABCPure
Performance Scot Bower
"It is commonly said that you run the first third of a marathon with your body, the second with your head and the third with your heart. I’d spent 18 weeks training for my first marathon but, until my sessions with Rise, I had only really prepared my body.
Rise helped me with the mental and emotional preparation, walking me through the feelings I would experience and adding valuable equipment to my mental kit bag that I could call up when needed during the race. Bonnie helped me visualise the marathon to the point where I understood the course and the emotions it would draw from me. Being able to picture myself on the finish line with the sites, sounds and emotions was the single most important part of my training and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a course of NLP to other marathoners, especially if it’s your first one."
Scot Bower
Train your Mind seminar SB
THANK YOU so much for your session this week, I used all of your techniques & not only did I smash my PB by 15 minutes, I ENJOYED the day & can't wait to do it again next year!
S.B. – Surrey Half Participant 2015
Train your mind seminar CG
"I have worked with lots of Life coaches and trainers previously both in my career and through my current business and I love your laid back, clear approach. I practiced and used the techniques you taught us and was thrilled with my experience on race day."
C. G. – Surrey Half Participant 2015
Mental preparation Kristoffer Madsen
“I felt really good and I felt like I was ready. Some of the others were very nervous, but I was able to use the stuff we practiced and keep myself focused. My energy stayed up the whole time and at the end of each day, I knew I had done the best I could. I think the work we did together really made a difference.” Kristoffer Madsen - Try outs for the Danish National Youth Football team
Shooting Star Chase
We have been working with Bonnie for three years, as part of the support programme that we offer to our marathon runners. Bonnie provides an excellent training session, to help our runners mentally prepare for their race. This is an integral part of their training. Bonnie’s sessions are inspiring and thought provoking. We have had great feedback from the runners, who really appreciate this opportunity to explore their marathon mind set and exchange ideas. ~ Karen Peffer, Shooting Star Chase

Workshop participants

Workshops participant 4
“It was such a relief to finally get some structure to my thoughts. Now I can see things in a different way and it is not as confusing anymore.”
Workshops participant 3
“This workshop is a real eye-opener.”
Workshops participant 2
"Rarely have I encountered tools so easily understood, whilst simultaneously allowing great insight and understanding."
Workshops participant 1
“A powerful, thought-provoking and extremely useful boost that’s helped me move forward with my life”

Seminar participants

Seminar participant 8
"I’ve been meaning to email you to thank you do much for your seminar. I was really inspired especially by how to not listen to the negative voices and thoughts.  Please keep me posted with all you are doing. I will definitely advertise it to those who didn’t come before."
Seminar participant 7
"Really enjoyed the seminar, felt I could listen to you for hours. Loved that you didn’t try to magically fix my busy life which overwhelms me at times, and can’t always stop it being so busy! But loved the interesting different ways to look at it all. We are all guilty of not looking at the bright side and getting bogged down. So thank you it was immensely helpful, I am following the blog, and would love to know of future events."
Seminar participant 6
"You were wonderful: so relaxed and natural, knowledgeable and inspiring. I really enjoyed it and am full of resolve to nurture my kinder voices."
Seminar participant 5
"I just wanted to write and say a very big thank you for the fantastic, thought provoking and interesting seminar this evening. It was a great opportunity to listen to what you had to say and do some personal reflection. Your seminar reminded me of what is important in life. Many thanks."
Seminar participant 4
"I just wanted to thank you for such an inviting and inspirational evening. I have taken so much away from your generous sharing and insight together with reminding me to embrace challenges with courage, compassion, wisdom and positivity."
Seminar participant 3
"Bloody brilliant!"
Seminar participant 2
"Just wanted to say that this seminar was brilliant. Bonnie gave some really good ideas about how to cope with life’s obstacles and not beat yourself up in the process! Would recommend."
Seminar participant 1
"I HIGHLY recommend this… I went to the May seminar and thought it excellent. Full of tips for staying sane when dealing with all that gets thrown at us and some really inspiring thoughts on how to deal with obstacles we inevitably encounter in life – a very valuable couple of hours."

On visual spelling

Visual spelling 3
"We have seen a significant improvement in Sine’s ability with her spellings after she has received extra help from Bonnie. The method Bonnie has taught seems to suit Sine. She now remembers the spellings very quickly and her confidence is growing because of this success. Sine has achieved much higher scores in the weekly spelling tests (10 out of 10 most weeks) and she has been a lot more motivated to practice her spelling. This has also helped with Sine’s reading. Again she is more motivated and we think this is because she is now more able. She can remember most of her spellings and are able to read the words when she sees them in books etc. It has been great to see such an improvement and change in such a short period of time and even better to see Sine motivated and confident."
Trine Andresen, mum.
Visual spelling 2
“It’s better than my old way. I really like this method because I can do it. Instead of thinking about where the letters go, I can just see it. It really works for me.”
“It helps me to memorise words better than I used to because I take a photo in my head. I can now spell words I couldn’t spell last year. It would have taken me a week to learn the words.”
“It’s helpful and it’s an easy way to learn. In my normal spelling it was really hard to learn and I got very frustrated. This is fun to learn and easy because you put the word up on the wall!"
“I’d certainly like to back up the students’ comments with my own praise for your work with them. It was – and is – incredible to hear them spell out these long words, in the light of their difficulties with words that are not only much shorter but also straightforward in their spelling.”
Sue Harris, SENCO and students from Guildford County School
Visual spelling 1
"Bonnie Rasmussen has spent time over the last term developing a technique that aids the learning of spelling with staff and children at Sandfield Primary School.  Her visualisation techniques offer a new and exciting way for children to acquire spelling knowledge and recall things completely visually.  All the children who worked on the project showed fantastic week on week results and are so confident with the method you can see them doing it for themselves in the classroom.The methods are relatively simple; as the staff can attest to as we ourselves were given training in the method.  The systematic method enables children to understand the process and apply it for themselves.  Once the method has been acquired it can be applied to the recall of any fact. A wonderful new technique for any teacher to have, to add to the resource bank of methods used for teaching spelling and other visual knowledge.  Bonnie Rasmussen leads INSET confidently and with authority."
Mrs. Marie Curtis, Head Teacher, Sandfield Primary School