The aim of performance coaching is to create mental conditions that allow you to be and perform at your best and achieve your sport, health or fitness goals.

Confidence in your abilities, a supportive mind set, focused attention, effortless concentration and a strong mind body connection will allow you to perform with more easy, more consistency and with greater sense of control and power.

Performance coaching helps you overcome mental obstacles in your way allowing you to get the best out of yourself. It enables you to explore, tap into and shape your mental resources.

“Bonnie helped me visualise the marathon to the point where I understood the emotions it would draw from me. Being able to picture myself on the finish line was the single most important part of my training.” ~ Scot Bower – London Marathon, 2014.
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Learn how to run your mind better, to perform at your best, more of the time.

  • Be in charge of your states and get access to strong states quickly.
  • Have more control over your thoughts.
  • Get rid of unwanted self-sabotaging behaviours.
  • Find and operate from “The zone of excellence”.
  • Free yourself from critical inner voices.
  • Learn how to boost your motivation and confidence.
  • Improve your resilience.
  • Learn powerful preparation techniques.
  • Overcome fear, nerves, self-doubts and insecurities.
  • Enhance your stamina, focus and determination.

Free yourself form performance-interfering factors.

Reducing or removing interference like doubts, anxiety, overwhelm, lack of focus or boredom will result in increased performance and a stronger sense of being in control.

Transform your unwanted patterns, thoughts and limiting beliefs into empowering ones.

Your beliefs about your capabilities, skills and worth can either be supporting you or hold you back. They are often outside your conscious awareness. Coaching allows these to be uncovered and changed into empowering beliefs.

During sessions techniques and knowledge from the fields of Coaching, NLP and Neuroscience are combined to tailor make a unique programme to support you. You will be doing mental exercises, taught techniques and asked questions that allow you to deepen your understanding of yourself, utilize all of your strengths, overcome your pers