NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. Although it sounds like something that belongs in the world of IT, NLP is really about the relationship between our brain, language and our body and the patterns that run in us as individuals. Patterns exist for all of us in the way we think and the way we behave. We have patterns that serve us well. We all also have some that are less helpful and hindering us in some way. They are often so ingrained that they run without us even being aware of them and such an integral part of how we function that we don’t even think there is an option to have it any other way. 

An NLP practitioner helps people change their unwanted patterns and create new ones. Helps them to “use” their brain in a way that supports what they want. 

Examples where NLP is really useful:

  • You are about to face a challenge, you want to be in your very best state.
  • You want to communicate calmly, but anger often gets the better of you.
  • You want to be more outgoing, but a voice keeps telling you that you are not “good enough”
  • You want to travel more, but fear of flying prevents you.
  • You want to be calm and confident, but nervousness takes over.
  • You want to run further, but your brain and legs keep shouting “you can’t do it”.
  • You want to move on from a broken relationship, but the hurt and sadness lingers.
  • You want to have a healthy relationship with food, but you keep sabotaging your progress.
  • You want to move beyond your comfort zone, but fear stops you.
  • You want to unstick yourself. A part of me want “this”, another part of me wants the opposite.
  • You know you have the capabilities, but something is holding you back.

NLP has been around since the mid-1970, offering ways to create shifts in our “patterns” and achieve rapid and lasting change.  There is speed and a certain magic in the way it works which left me speechless in the beginning of my training. Almost a decade later, having studied under some of the most prominent trainers in the world, I am still completely in awe of NLP and its power to create transformation and change.

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