I’m glad you have decided to stop by and hope what I’m about to share will help you decide if life coaching could be of value to you at this point in your life.

Life coaching has played a huge part in my own life, enabling me to move from feeling rather detached, direction- and joyless (despite having all the external signs of living a successful life), to a content, thriving and growing person who is incredibly excited about the future.

If you are sensing a desire for more happiness and fulfilment – for more clarity, purpose, excitement or balance, coaching can definitely help you.

If you know in your core that you have to create some changes for yourself in order to live a life with more peace in your mind and ease in your body – a life in which you can utilise your potential and thrive, then coaching can without a shadow of doubt help you.

‘At age 60 I wanted to make sure I enjoy and get the most out of my life and address some behaviours and beliefs that have held me back. I had no idea how powerful / empowering working with Bonnie as my coach could be. What I especially value is the way and speed she helps me get to the heart of the issue and find ways forward for me that are sometimes a revelation, always progress. I feel supported, and treated with compassion. Importantly, Bonnie’s approach means I can bring anything to the sessions and deal with ‘stuff’ in a safe environment. I have amazing results, and life is so much better for me.’

It will enable you to take stock, explore options and make conscious and wholehearted choices in all areas of life that matter to you. It will help you decide what you want more of and less of, how you want to be and who you want to be.

The starting point for any meaningful change is our capacity to observe ourselves, to get to know ourselves better. As your coach my role is to ask you powerful questions that open up metaphorical windows, letting in fresh new air and light, inviting in new ways of seeing and new ways of being.

Together we will uncover what is getting in your way and how to move past those obstacles. We explore the strengths that you possibly forgot you used to have and put them to work where they are most needed to accelerate the changes you want to create. We work at your pace, with your agenda and you design the steps that feel right to you.

‘My coaching sessions with Bonnie helped me to get back in charge of my life. Rather than being thrown by everyday life I realised and became aware of having choices which I can decide for or against. Bonnie’s input and well formulated questions encouraged me to go on a journey rediscovering unexpected confidence in my abilities personally and professionally.” From my point of view Bonnie’s work is a very valuable experience for anybody who is looking for his or her own way in life and does not fear the challenge.’

When was the last time you shared your honest thoughts, dreams, aspirations, perceived flaws, worries or fears and felt truly supported?

Should you decide to work with me, my promise to you is that I will guide, support and encourage you to the very best of my ability. Coaching involves a kind of conversation that can feel unfamiliar and perhaps unnerving and I will honour your courage in taking this brave step.

If you are keen to discover a bit more about me and my coaching style, feel free to ask for a chemistry meeting before making any commitments.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope our paths will cross again soon.

‘Bonnie is a high impact coach who has consistently helped me make breakthroughs and transformations in my thinking. She worked with me in the space I designed, tapping into my metaphors, grasping the chinks of light I revealed and magnifying them to maximum effect for me. She worked in the moment, completely focused on my needs and my agenda, stretching me to achieve goals, enhanced awareness and thinking. Without doubt one the best coaches. If you have a chance to work with her, don’t miss it.’

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