Bonnie Rasmussen

I am a Guildford based Life & Well-being Coach, providing coaching sessions, guided relaxation and meditation sessions, workshops and talks. 

The driving force behind my work is an aspiration to support fellow human beings in creating positive trends in their lives. Most os us are likely to experience very challenging times feeling lost, overwhelmed, adrift, conflicted or ‘fake’ during our lifetime and it is often not an easy task finding the way forward entirely on your own.

My role is to encourage, guide and journey with people as they take steps to overcome the obstacles they are encountering and be by their side as they uncover and test ways of increasing their well-being, joy, confidence, peace of mind, worthiness, sense of aliveness and meaning.

Although RISE, is my second “career”, I have now been working as a coach for more than a decade. My clients and the transformations and many enriching ripple effects coaching and meditation can bring about never ceases to amaze me and I absolutely love what I get to do for a living.

Prior to 2005 I spent my time first growing up in Denmark, then exploring life in the States as a young adult, followed by a fast-paced working life in Sweden and the UK in roles as Marketing communication manager and Northern European Brand Director for Unilever and Philips Consumer electronics respectively.

Embarking on a whole new adventure I took the very daunting decision of resigning from corporate life, then achieved an ICF accredited coaching certification, Master Practitioner of NLP certification and Practitioner of Applied Neuroscience certification while setting up RISE and adapting to the flurry of daily life with two children and our very adorable dog, Leo.

If you are curious about my style of working or about us potentially working together, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.

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