Create a life in which you thrive.


On the surface all might appear to be well in your world. Lots of boxes are ticked and there is plenty to feel grateful for. Just underneath the surface, however, a humble desire exists – a longing to live with more authenticity, peace of mind and meaningfulness. You may sense that you have not yet fully uncovered the best version of yourself nor defined what it means to live your best life. A life in which you thrive and show up as the real you – as the person you know you want to be.

In your own ears this may ring selfish, impossible or a like a tired cliché. Who are you to be wanting more when you already have so much? Who are you to be unable to ‘sort yourself out’ or not enjoy every aspects of your life? Understandably lots of people quietly resolve not to validate that part of themselves and attempt to take no further notice of the discomfort, frustration and unease that may follow.

How do I begin, where will I end up, what implications will it have, how do I even know it will be worthwhile? It usually feels overwhelming, confusing and scary to consider important, potentially life-changing questions, and believe me when I say it takes courage to embark on the journey to unearth the answers. I have so much admiration for my clients. They often do not realise just how courageous they are being by choosing not to settle, by choosing instead to pursue more wellbeing, happiness and the unfolding of their hopes, dreams and aspirations despite the doubts, obstacles and uncertainties.

Embarking on a journey with me as your life coach will enable you to navigate with more intention and purpose. You will gain a much deeper understanding of yourself, increase your awareness of what matters in your life, all while being encouraged and supported as you explore, clarify and take steps in the direction that feels true, meaningful and worthwhile for you.

My coaching style (according to clients): Gentle, Powerful, Calm and Compassionate. If this sounds appealing and you are keen to find more of your happiness, create a life in which you thrive and be the best version of yourself, then please get in touch.

I would very much welcome the opportunity to work by your side.



Hi, I’m Bonnie.

Life & Well-being coach,
workshop host and meditation guide
 in Guildford, Surrey.

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